About This Website

The spirit of America needs a re-awakening. I’m afraid we have lost our way. Over the years, the people have become Constitutionally illiterate. I believe this is the root of ALL of our problems. If people knew and understood the principles and wisdom underlying the Constitution, I think we’d have a much better basis to debate upon. Those who literally risked everything they had in order to obtain our independence and create our Constitution and our form of government were inspired in large part by the Enlightenment movement, which basically brought forth the idea of individual liberty, and that no man has the authority to rule over another.

We now find ourselves in need of a re-enlightenment. I have decided to take on a project to help in that cause. I will be posting a series of essays that I hope will at least provide a spark toward this re-enlightenment and provide a basis for dialogue. Even at the time of our founding, there were vasts differences in opinions, values, culture, and ideas. But the thing that united us was the knowledge and overwhelming belief and acceptance of the core principles that the Constitution was built upon. I believe that is the missing ingredient in modern day America.

My name is Steve Wood. I have no special fame, political position, or other notoriety. I am a husband, a father, a small business owner, and a veteran. And I am a Citizen of the United States. This project is my attempt to do something about the very disturbing rancor and devisiveness in the country. I’m more and more concerned that it is leading to an awful boiling over point in the not too distant future.

Along with the essay series on the principles, structure, and importance of the Constitution, I will also be writing some opinion pieces on current issues and events. I don’t expect everyone will agree with me on all of my opinions, but I will pledge to keep my comments substantive, rational, and civil. I welcome feedback and debate, but ask that you provide the same level of respect and civility.